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Arden House Projects

Day Centres

Day Centre Locations


SPINKS DAY CENTRES                                                                    GOWANS DAY CENTRES


Monday - Arden House, Leven                                                     Monday - Arden House Annexe, Leven


Tuesday - Arden House, Leven                                                     Tuesday - Arden House Annexe, Leven


Wednesday - Arden House, Leven                                               Wednesday - Arden House Annexe, Leven


Thursday - Arden House, Leven                                                   Thursday - Arden House Annexe, Leven


Friday - Arden House, Leven                                                          Friday - Arden House Annexe, Leven


Staff plan a varied and interesting programme of activities. Activities include crafts, reminiscence, and seated exercises to name but a few. We are always looking for suggestions for new activities so if there's anything you would like to try or to do again just let us know.


Throughout the year the groups enjoy a variety of entertainment. We celebrate every birthday and never miss an excuse for a party.

We celebrate Christmas in Arden House bringing all the members together for a Christmas Lunch with games and activities.

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